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In the old city – the soul …

In the old city – the soul …

Exhibition Center “Perspective” again graced us with talented work and meeting unique people.

December 14, the exhibition “Forgotten Izhevsk. The city, which we lost.” Exposition of paintings formed of 39 artworks Izhevsk artists performed in various techniques: oil, watercolor, graphics. This work was kindly provided by well-known collector, enthusiast Dmitry Teterin, who is convinced that the story is interesting to anyone, most importantly – to present it correctly.

Immediately I must say – the opening was very warm and sincere. Everyone, to the microphone, explained his love for his city. And everyone was ready a little to debate, to argue with the title.

AG Balitchi, Vice-Rector for extracurricular and social work with students, are absolutely convinced that we have not lost the city. “We find it in another form, and the pages of the old forgotten, but stored in the paintings of artists from time to time to see the shows. And thanks to the exhibitions Izhevsk lives and will live.”

In recognition of Dmitry Teterin, it is a bit difficult to accept such a title objectively. “The fact that I do not izhevets I came here in 1987, and, frankly, I’m a city terribly did not like – gray, dirty … But just been a few months, and I realized one thing. This is my city and I. it now consider it my home town – although born in Tomsk, and lived in Kazakhstan, but I live in Izhevsk, and leave here not going anywhere and about the name: this is the prelude why such a name I’ve got favorite places, and… passing on your favorite sites, I continue to pay attention, that the city which is loved in those days, was gone.

Yes, it has changed. It’s like a first love. Then there may be many. But on the first will always be remembered. So, probably, and here. And the fact that it is, at least, is stored in the paintings of the artists who worked in those days – I do not even know what to compare it. For me it is a balm to the heart. And the most important thing is not even that: is great that there are people who share my feelings.

On the love of their city and spoke writer Sergey Zhilin: “It blooms in Palisades lilac and wild cherry everywhere, sidewalks grind all day in the streets of wooden child …”. It is a small piece of the song “My City”. His whole life is connected with the Izhevsk. Of course, in his life and it had a lot of other nice places, but somehow or other he took them through the prism of his “small country”.

“… This creaking old wooden sidewalks, these wooden houses with anchors and trims, they are still alive in our memory, they continue to live in the paintings, paintings. And when I write about the old Izhevsk some text, I first plunge into the video, I admire these old Izhevsk.

It was not all perfect. Naturally, we idealize the past, we forget the bad, remember only the good. Because we were young and in love. Therefore it is always nice to remember the youth. But when you are immersed in it, you see a generation of people who walked these streets, lived, loved … You know how a complex organism – the city. City living, the city breathes, the town is ill, the city is recovering, and so for centuries. ”

Meet at a local historian SN exhibition Selivanovsky not surprising. Having looked through his book. “Old Izhevsk events and people in the photo lens”, you can already be sure: it like no one else knows and loves his city of Izhevsk.

– Knowing that the present generation does not know much about the history of the city, today’s theme of the city are carried out design projects, – noted in his speech OM Sandhu, head of the department TPiHOM. – We have a number of student works that show interesting city. At least for understanding how today’s young people imagine the future of Izhevsk and how this vision is different from the views already held artists.

On the canvases – Izhevsk at different stages of development. The streets and alleys, pond, plant, metallurgists family … Do you love it as they love: IM Hodyrev, AM Senilov, GP Semenov, PS Semenov? ….

Yes, I must say that did not go unnoticed and the students on this day. The audience applauded the winners of the “open-air 2016” From Halevy to Izhevsk. “Reached the final two works of Ivan Seliverstov (in nominations” Painting “and” Graphics “), and two diplomas for 2nd place was awarded Valentine Nabiullina (nomination” Painting ” and “graphics”), Catherine Bashenin entered the 3rd place in the category “painting”, Sofia Balobanova on the 3rd place in the category “graphics”. Congratulations!

Thus, the exhibition is open. Come on, look closely to the quiet beauty of our old town. In the old city – the soul ….

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