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Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Computer Science

The faculty was founded in 1993. It trains specialists in information science and computers, system and application software, organization of computers, computational systems and networks, operation and programming systems, databases and tools for software development, system analysis and machine modeling, decision making and control, automated data processing and AI, systems and technologies providing information security for automated systems.

The graduates of the faculty are mastered in popular operation systems and program products, as well as traditional programming systems, such as Delphi, Prolog, Lisp, C++.

Faculty Departments

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Software
  • Automated Data Processing and Control Systems

Faculty Staff
54 lecturers, among them: 8 Doctors of Science, Professors, 30 Candidates of Science (PhD), Associate Professors

Engineering Program

  • Information Security of Automated Systems

Bachelor Programs

  • Informatics and Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Master Programs

  • Informatics and Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Doctoral Programs

  • Information, Measuring and Control Systems
  • System Analysis, Control and Information Processing
  • Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Packages (PhD, DSc)
  • Techniques and Systems of Information Protection, Information Security

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