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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The faculty was founded in 1952 to provide training in design, production, and maintenance of complex machinery and it celebrated the 60th anniversary in 2012. During the years of its existence, the faculty has trained over 8,000 engineers, many of them are directors of enterprises, leading specialists, shop managers, heads of designing bureaus, research departments and divisions.

Its resources include a unique collection of various arms and a research shooting gallery equipped with advanced measuring instruments. The faculty comprises a number of research centers, institutes, and laboratories: scientific and educational center “Nanotechnologies in Mechanical Engineering”, special designing bureau “Precise Mechanics”, M.T. Kalashnikov Institute of Small Arms, traffic safety laboratory and some others.


Faculty Departments

  • Small Arms
  • Production of Machines and Mechanisms
  • Heat Engines and Plants
  • Strength of Materials
  • Theoretical Mechanics and Theory of Mechanisms and Machines
  • Rocket Engineering

Faculty Staff
60 lecturers, among them: 19 Doctors of Science, Professors, 26 Candidates of Science (PhD), Associate Professors

Engineering Programs

  • Design of Aviation and Rocket Engines
  • Design, Production, and Operation of Rockets and Rocket & Space Complexes
  • Small Arms & Cannons, Artillery, and Rocket Weapons

Bachelor Programs

  • Power Mechanical Engineering
  • Operation of Transportation and Technological Machines and Complexes
  • Technology of Transportation Processes
  • Aircraft Engines

Master Programs

  • Power Mechanical Engineering
  • Operation of Transportation and Technological Machines and Complexes
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Rocket Complexes and Space Science

Doctoral Programs

  • Mechanics of Liquid, Gas and Plasma
  • Dynamics and Durability of Machines, Instruments and Equipment
  • Heat Engines
  • Wheeled and Caterpillar Vehicles
  • Heat Engines, Electric Propulsions and Aircraft Power Plants
  • Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Package

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